Atom Football


Atom football is the youngest level of full contact football. At this age all players are considered beginners, with the most experienced players only having played 1 or 2 seasons. For this reason, coaches will take extra care with the children to keep them safe during play.
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peewee Football


Peewee football is the next level of full contact football. At this age we will start to see a gap in size and skill level based on age and experience. The coaches emphasis is always on safety, but greater attention will be paid to developing the necessary skills for the next level.
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Bantam Football


Bantam is the last stop in minor football before sending the players off to high school. The bantam level is the first taste of full Canadian rules football. At this level we will see the largest gap in experience and size ranging from first year players to kids who have been playing for 5 or 6 years.
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